Relationship Between Finance and Accounting

Finance can be defined as the art and science of managing money. Virtually all individuals and organization earn or raise money and spend or invest money. Finance is concerned with the process, institutions, markets and instruments involved in the transfer of money among and between individuals, business and governments. Finance, in another word, can be defined as the management of the flows of money through an organization, whether it be a corporation, school, bank, or government agency. Finance concerns itself with the actual flows of money as well as any claims against money. Finance is regarded as the life-blood of the business unit. This  function involves planning, procurement and effective utilization of the funds of the business.

Accounting is the methodical or precise recording, reporting, and assessment of financial deals and transactions of a business. Accounting also involves the preparation of statements or declarations concerning assets, liabilities, and outcomes of operations of a business.

Relationship Between Finance and Accounting

Finance concerns with accounting because financial accounting is one branch of accounting. Accounting relates to booking of the historical transaction of an organization and it leads to preparation of financial status of the company stating that asset and what liabilities are held by the entity as on the day when relevant period like a year ends i.e. Balance Sheet.

Financial status is concluded from the accounting records (i.e. balance sheet, profit and loss account). Account keeps the record of the organizations income, expenditure, asset liabilities and by evaluating those transactions finance makes the decision for investment like where to invest? How much funds to invest? Etc. In a short form we can say that where account ends of keeping records, finance starts the work by evaluating them.

Finance is connected with accounting. The accounting process produces one of the essential raw materials needed to make financial decisions, financial data. Accounting is a tool for handling only the financial aspects of business operations. It is geared to the financial ends of business only because these are measurable on the scale of money values. The distinction between financial management and management accounting is semantic one, but the gap between the two is rapidly closing. Financial management, however, has the broader meaning of planning and control of all activities by financial means, while management accounting originally meant the internal management of finance. The accountant devotes his attention to the collection and presentation of financial data. The financial officer evaluates the accountant statements, develops additional data and arrives at decisions based on his analysis. As a matter of fact, sound financial management is a matter of good accounting.

Accounting and Finance is a very important function of any business either for profit making or for non-profit making institutions. It provides an avenue where a business analyses its operations in terms of what they own, what comes and what goes out.

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