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For those individuals whowant to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals credential, Microsoft MS-900 is the only exam that they have to pass in order to obtain it. The test is intended for the students who want to display their foundational skills and knowledge of Cloud services and the inherent benefits in adopting a Software as a Service Cloud model. The certification exam also focuses on various options available when implementing Microsoft 365 Cloud services. The MS-900 test may be taken before sitting for the Cloud computing & technologies specialty exams, such as Microsoft Intune, Office 365, Windows 10, and Azure Information Protection. It’s important to mention that this test is not a prerequisite for any associate-level certificate. However, it is a great starting point for the candidates who have no technical knowledge in the domain of the certification test. The target audience of Microsoft MS-900includes students, instructors, and non-technical professionals.

The exam validates that you have an understanding of Cloud concepts, Microsoft 365 pricing & support, core Microsoft 365 concepts and services; compliance, security, trust, and privacy. This certification test is available in English and Japanese, and to register for it, the applicants are required to pay the fee of Exam-Labs Practice Test. The technical skills that will be evaluated in Microsoft MS-900 are highlighted below:

  • Understanding Cloud concepts: 15-20%
  • Understanding Microsoft 365 services &: concepts 30-35%
  • Understanding Microsoft 365 support &: pricing 25-30%
  • Understanding security, privacy, trust, and compliance in Microsoft 365: 25-30%

Your insight of these topic areas will be measured in the exam. The percentage associated with each objectiveemphasizes the potential weight of questions that may be expected during the delivery of Microsoft MS-900. The subjects with a higher percentage will probably have more questions than those with a lower percentage. It’s important to be mindful of this when preparing for your test. In addition to this, the candidates should understand that each of the topics highlighted above has detailed components that cover the technical skills to be learnt in the course of preparation. It is essential that you go through the exam blueprint before you start your preparation to enable you understand the specifics of what you are meant to cover.

In this certification guide, we will look at some top resources that the students can use to develop competence in the above objectives prior to taking the Microsoft MS-900 exam. Let’s get right into them.

  • Book/Study Guide (Exam Ref MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals)

The first resource option that we’ll look at is the official study guides. Books are essential when it comes to exam preparation, and over and beyond getting you ready for the test, they also equip you with hands-on skills that will be relevant for your job roles. So, what book resource can you use for Certbolt Microsoft MS-900 ?Exam Ref MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals is its official study guide. It covers the foundational knowledge of Microsoft 365 Cloud services, benefits, and options; SaaS (Software as a Service), and Cloud services in general. This book is designed to prepare the candidates for optimal performance in the test while sharpening their hands-on skills for their respective job roles. It is available on Amazon.

  • Instructor-Led Training Course

The official training course is designed to offer the students the basic knowledge of the benefits and considerations associated with adopting a Software as Service Cloud model and Cloud services in general. It focuses on the offerings inherent in Microsoft 365 Cloud services and introduces the candidates to awide scope of Cloud fundamentals with specific attention to the Cloud computing overview and Microsoft Cloud services. This training is delivered by the Microsoft certified partners, and you can find them across different locations. If you are taking the face-to-face instructor-led training, you should check the official website for the details of the training partners in your location.

  • Video Tutorial

There are different platforms that offer video training to help the applicants with their exam preparation. Some offer free resources, and many offer paid ones. The Microsoft Virtual Academy and Channel9 come with free video tutorialsthat you can explore. Exam-Labs, on the other hand, is a paid website. However, you can access some free study materials to start preparing for your Microsoft MS-900.

  • Practice Test

You need to work through practice questions to significantly improve your knowledge of the exam content and question patterns before you take your Microsoft MS-900. With practice tests, you will be able to identify a knowledge gap in your preparation and findthe appropriate resources to bridge this break. When choosing your practice tests, it is important that you restrict your search to reputable platforms. The Microsoft Learning Platform offers sample questions that you can work through to get an idea of what the exam will look like. If you want to use full-length practice questions for your preparation process, it is recommended that you check Exam-Labs. You will find an extensive compilation of practice questions as well as braindumps to help you prepare for yourMicrosoft MS-900.

  • Microsoft Community

There are many other students who are preparing for the same exam as you. Joining the Microsoft community gives you access to other candidates. You can share ideas with them and you can even get a study buddy from the platform. But carefully check the information that you can find on this forum.


In conclusion, you should also consider blogs and articles on Microsoft MS-900. You can find a lot of information that will prepare you for the test-taking process. There are many professionals who have taken this exam, and they have one or two tips to share with you through the blog posts. Read them to understand your certification exam better.

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