Guidelines for Being a Good Leader

The leader leads his people towards the goal. He is the person who can get his people to follow him. He is the one who is looked up to, whose judgment is trusted, and who inspires the people working with him and for him. Good leader should be motivating, inspiring and able to manage people. Leader should be charismatic and being visionary and have ability to acting decisively. There is very complex opinion about leadership either can take it as based on personality and physical traits or based on prescribed behaviors. Leadership can define in terms of power relationship between leaders and followers. As good leaders, they must try to get employees to concentrate around common goal and should have creative vision and strategic plan for an organization.

Guidelines for Being a Good Leader

Decisiveness is very important characteristic because every leader has to be taking some difficult decision in job. They have to take decision that shows firmness and leads the team towards the desired goal. Great leader never take step back during the hard situation. They react according to the time and situation. Leader has to be aware about the surroundings, their people’s working style and nature, about their boss, about the company’s desired goal and strategy. So, leader can be preplanned what to do in future and in such type of situation. By understanding the problem and situation, leaders have to take wise decisions that lead team towards the goal.

Attitude of leader is also an important factor in team work because it determines the action and affects the people’s working style. Leader has to be optimistic and should be become the source of positive energy that inspires the others. Great leaders are always aware of their people’s thinking, their problems and needs. Leaders have to try to solve their problems which improve the outcome of work. People inspired by this because when they get positive response from leader, they feel satisfaction. This helps to make effective and efficient work environment in which people work together willingly.

To make leadership successful, engagement is necessary because by engaging the all team members together helping the team to share their ideas and contributions which lead the team towards the desired goal.

Empowerment and collaborations are also needed because by this team members do not feel suppressed and ignored and feel the part of team which leads the team to work together. They will show willingness to work together with positive attitude which take them towards the team’s success. Rewarding is also considering an important factor in leadership because it motivates the team members. When team member has been rewarded for their good work, they feel satisfaction which built the positive response towards the work. Team work output increases with this.

Self-assessment is also needed because by this, one can know his weakness and strength points. Leadership skills may be improved by concentrating on the weakness point. Knowing the organizational goals and purpose is also needed to lead the team towards the success. Communication between leader and their team members should be honest and open. Leader has to know the each team member members’ capacity, skill and working style so it will be more effective to distribute the work. Clear vision about goal and how to achieve it is necessary. Leader has to think analytically and leads the team with focused towards the main goal. Trust worthy, passion and dedication with maintaining the high standard are necessary to get success. Leader has to be calm, confident enough and should be enthusiastic about their work with great commitment towards the hard work for desired output.

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