About E-Commerce and it’s different process models

E-COMMERCE deals with buying and selling of goods through internet. With the advent of intent and web technology, E-Commerce today covers an entire commercial scope online including design and developing, marketing, selling, delivering, servicing, and paying for goods. Some E-Commerce application add order tracking as a feature for customer to know the delivery status of the order.

The entire model successfully works on web platform and uses internet technology.

Ecommerce process has two participants, namely Buyer and Seller, like in traditional business model. And unique and typical to E-commerce there is one more participant to seller by authorization and authentication of commercial transaction.

E-Commerce process model can be viewed in four ways and categories:

  • B2C: Business Organisation to Customer
  • B2B: Business Organisation to Business
  • C2B: Customer to Business Organisation
  • C2C: Customer to Customer

In B2C Model, business organization uses websites or portals to offer information about product, through multimedia clippings, catalogues, product configuration guidelines, customer histories and so on. A new customer interacts with the site and uses interactive order processing system for order placements. On placements of order, secured payment systems comes into operation to authorize and authenticate payment to seller. The delivery system then take over to execute the delivery to customer.

In B2B Model, buyer and seller are business organizations. They exchange technical & commercial through websites and portals. Then model works on similar line like B2C. More advanced B2B model uses Extranet and Conducts business transaction based on the information status displayed on the buyer’s application server.  In B2B Model, the participants in E-business are two organisation with relations as buyer-seller, distributor-dealer and so on.

In C2B Model, customer initiates actions after logging on to seller’s website or to server. On the server of the selling organization, E-Commerce application are present for the use of the customer. The entire Internet banking process work on C2B model where account holders of the bank transact a number of requirements such as seeking account balance, payment and so on.

In C2C model, Customer Participates in the process of selling and buying through the auction website. In this model, website is used for personal advertising of products or services. ENewspaper website is an Example of advertising and selling of goods to customer.