Newspapers as an Advertising Medium

In the last nearly 200 years, newspapers have remained a very important mass media for advertising. With the appearance of radio, and subsequently television, there has been some change in the reading habits of people. TV presented a combination of some very desirable characteristics, not offered by any other media, and became a primary source of entertainment, news, and other types of information for a very large number of people. Print media has successfully met the challenge posed by television because it has certain advantages not offered by broadcast media. In spite of tremendous popularity of TV as an advertising medium, newspapers command a position of significance among advertisers.

Newspapers are an important part of our everyday life and a major source of information for a large number of readers. Newspapers are available to the masses at a fraction of their cost because advertising revenues from large to small advertisers support them. Without such tremendous advertising support from business firms and others, newspapers would not survive.

The role of newspapers is different in the media plan of the advertiser than television or radio. They allow the presentation of detailed messages that can be processed at the readers’ own convenient pace. According to Herbert E Krugman, newspapers and magazines are high-involvement media, because the reader is generally required to devote some effort in reading the advertising message to have some impact. Television and radio are considered as intrusive because the ads appear and go and the audiences have no control over their pace.

To conclude, newspapers are the major form of print media and the largest of all advertising media. Newspapers are quite important to national advertisers and are an especially important advertising medium to local advertisers.

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