Application of Direct Marketing Tools in Industrial Marketing

Direct Marketing  is a recent activity that has come up and is used extensively by the  industrial marketers. The various tools used in direct marketing are direct  mails, telemarketing and online marketing channels. A direct marketing  channel does not involve any intermediary and the sale is done by the  company by directly contacting the target customer. As the cost involved  in direct marketing activity is much less compared to the cost of company  sales force directly meeting the customers, many industrial organizations  prefer this tool. This tool aids the sales force to gain entry into  prospective customer’s office where prospective customers are identified  beforehand and are informed about the company products.

Direct Mail

The existing and prospective customers are mailed promotional letters, catalogs, CD’s etc. by the industrial marketers where they are provided with necessary information about the company’s products and services and any schemes or offers it has. This helps the potential customers to respond the company that in turn would send its sales force to meet them personally and close the sales. Though this is one of the cheapest tool used by the industrial marketers, they should be careful about the selection of target audience as wrong identification would waste the entire efforts. Even the prospects’ correct contact details should be available to avoid wastage of mails. Generally, mailing lists are obtained by companies from websites, telephone companies, trade publications, mailing list brokers, industrial directories, company’s database etc.


In this process, prospective customers are contacted through telephone  and provided with all the required information and then converted to  sales lead depending on their interest towards the company product.  Sometimes, people who are self-interested in a company and seek  information about a product or service also call the company after getting  telephone numbers from various sources like telephone directory,  advertisement etc. Telemarketing helps the companies to reduce their  sales force and increase the sales volume provided the companies have  trained personnel who can talk effectively over phone.

Online Marketing Channels

These are the recent tools that have come up after the advent of internet  and information technology. They are used by many industrial marketers  for direct marketing of their products where they use this tool to find,  reach, communicate and sell to organizational buyers. There are certain  advantages of online marketing like being very cost-effective as even  small organizations can use it, and accessing and retrieving the  information is fast. But, unless an user has a computer system with  modem attached and is computer literate, it does not make sense using  this channel.

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