Export financing programmes provided by EXIM Bank India

EXIM INDIA offers a range of financing programs that match the menu of Exim Banks of the industrialized countries. However, the Bank is atypical in the universe of Exim Banks in that it has over the years evolved, so as to anticipate and meet the special needs of a developing country. The Bank provides competitive finance at various stages of the export cycle covering:

EXIM INDIA operates a wide range of financing and promotional programs. The Bank finances exports of Indian machinery, manufactured goods, and consultancy and technology services on deferred payment terms. EXIM INDIA also seeks to co finance projects with global and regional development agencies to assist Indian exporters in their efforts to participate in such overseas projects.

The Bank is involved in promotion of two-way technology transfer through the outward flow of investment in Indian joint ventures overseas and foreign direct investment flow into India. EXIM INDIA is also a Partner Institution with European Union and operates European Community Investment Partners’ Program (ECIP) for facilitating promotion of joint ventures in India through technical and financial collaboration with medium sized firms of the European Union.

The Export- Import Bank of India (Exim Bank) provides financial assistance to promote Indian exports through direct financial assistance, overseas investment finance, term finance for export production and export development, pre-shipping credit, buyer’s credit, lines of credit, relending facility, export bills rediscounting, refinance to commercial banks.

Loans to Indian Entities

  • Deferred payment exports: Term finance is provided to Indian exporters of eligible goods and services, which enables them to offer deferred credit to overseas buyers. Deferred credit can also cover Indian consultancy, technology and other services. Commercial banks participate in this program directly or under risk syndication arrangements.
  • Pre-shipment credit: finance is available form Exim Bank for companies executing export contracts involving cycle time exceeding six months. The facility also enables provision of rupee mobilization expenses for construction/turnkey project exporters.
  • Term loans for export production: Exim Bank provides term loans/deferred payment guarantees to 100% export-oriented units, units in free trade zones and computer software exporters. In collaboration with International Finance Corporation. Washington, Exim Bank provides loans to enable small and medium enterprises upgrade export production capability. Facilities for deeded exports; Deemed exports are eligible for funded and non- funded facilities from Exim Bank.
  • Overseas Investment finance: Indian companies establishing joint ventures overseas are provided finance towards their equity contribution in the joint venture.
  • Finance for export marketing: This program, which is a component of a World Bank loan, helps exporters implement their export market development plans.

Loans to Commercial Banks in India

  • Export Bills Rediscounting: Commercial Banks in India who are authorized to deal in foreign exchange can rediscount their short term export bills with Exim Banks, for an unexpired usance period of not more than 90 days.
  • Refinance of Export Credit: Authorized dealers in foreign exchange can obtain from Exim Bank 100% refinance of deferred payment loans extended for export of eligible Indian goods.
  • · Guaranteeing of Obligations:
    Exim Bank participates with commercial banks in India in the issue of guarantees required by Indian companies for the export contracts and for execution of overseas construction and turnkey projects.

Loans to Overseas Entities

  • Overseas Buyer’s Credit: Credit is directly offered to foreign entities for import of eligible goods and related services, on deferred payment.
  • Lines of Credit: Besides foreign governments, finance is available to foreign financial institutions and government agencies to on-lend in the respective country for import of goods and services from India.
  • Relending Facility to Banks Overseas: Relending facility is extended to banks overseas to enable them to provide term finance to their client’s worldwide for imports from India.

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