Responsibilities of International Human Resource Management (IHRM)

The numbers of growing large and small organization, which influence by inter nationalization of organization. That also increases the number of international organization and international employees. This scenario increases the interest of International human resource management (IHRM). There is a broad area to understanding of HRM practices on international level. The internationalization of organization is creates more value for the business but as well as it is also arises many issues. The ethical and social issues are one of them.

International human resources management has some specific characteristics compared to the common human resource management, such as it has more functions and activities, the international idea and the global judgment, more involves employee’s individual life. The changes in key emphasis of works, and a bigger risk will receive more external factors influence. IHRM pays great attention to the strategic environment analysis. It also needs to attach importance to “the Trans-Culture management” and have a bigger compatibility. Besides, the technical talented person and the senior management talented person become the core of international human resources management. Generally speaking, there are some important factors may affect the international human resources management, such as politics and legal environment, cultural environment, language, values, education background, religion, manners and customs, and economic environment. Human resources management measures will be influenced and the restricted by the counterparts’ benefit and the environmental factors. Besides, international human resources management is united whit the national culture.

International Human Resource Management are responsible for the recruiting good employees on international level, International employees came from different countries and different cultures. So, that their thinking level, their behaviors are very different from the local staff. That becomes a challenge for the IHRM practices to manage the human resource. The huge aspect of the wide scope for the IHRM is that, when headquarter based manager contract with employee, who come from different culture.

The headquarter manager co-ordinate with the IHRM in their policies and procedures to manage the international employees, the headquarter manager developed the system, that is follow by the completely international organization. The subsidiary level of the increasing involvement of the IHRM in the personal lives of the international employees becomes very important.

International Human Resource Management activities are more influences by the external force rather than domestic HR activities. The equal employee opportunity (EEO) and policies that meet the legal requirements for the both local staff and international employees is made by the headquarter manager.

International Human Resource Management practice are helped by the headquarter manager in their policies that is implicated by the international and local staff in the organization. To understands the way of development of employee in the organization on the international level. In this, practices International Human Resource Management have to face many responsibilities that is as follow;

  1. IHRM manly responsible for the process of procuring, allocation and effective utilize the human resource in the multinational corporation.
  2. They must have ability to mix the human resources policies and practices across the number of subsidies in different countries so that achieve corporate objectives.
  3. In the IHRM, practices approaches are must be flexible to take the appropriate decision in a different business and cultural settings.
  4. When the corporate deals with the domestic human resource management the point of IHRM should be broader, even the most common IHRM activities.
  5. IHRM are responsible for the administrative services for expatriates like selecting, training and appraising local and the international employee.
  6. Manages the relation with the host governments of countries around the world.

People begin to develop their internal attitudes from the moment they were kid. Factors such as the conditions that an individual grows up in affect the way that they see the world. For example if a child is raise in a household with a lot of violence, they might feel that fighting is okay. The beliefs of the peers around you may influence how you see things. It is human nature to want to belong and some are more apt to give into peer pressure. People have a lot in common with their peers due to similar values in the first place. However, it is hard to find two people that feel the same about every situation. Some people would feel that if they found money that they should be able to stick it in their pocket and keep it.

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