Tool Control in Production Management

Meaning of Tool Control

Tool control in production management implies (1) determining tool requirements (2) procuring necessary tools and (3) controlling/maintaining tools once they have been procured. A tool or process planner must calculate tool requirements prior to the time of production to ensure that proper tools will be available when needed. Lost time resulting from incomplete tools planning can be expensive as well as causing work to delay. In order to facilitate tool control and to limit the investment in tool inventory, it is important to standardize wherever possible all the tools within an organisation.

Tool Control in Production Management

Need for Tool Control

It is very important to ensure:

  • Against loss through theft or negligence and production delays through misplacement or non-availability of tools.
  • That the investment in tool inventories is minimized consistent with proper tool availability.

Tool Control Procedure

Two methods are commonly used to control the issue and receipt of tools to and from the workers.

  1. The Brass Ring System. Brass rings with worker’s identification number marked on them are issued to every worker when he draws a tool from the crib, he gives one of his, rings to the attendant and the ring is hung on a peg at the tool bin. When the worker returns the tool, the ring is returned to him. This method is very simple and can be used where workers are not much educated. However it invites dishonesty because of the case with which counterfeit rings can be made. The method also does not provide any means of determining tool usage.
  2. The McCaskey System. This system is based upon 3-part carbon backed form. The worker fills it out and present it to the tool crib attendant when he wishes to withdraw a tool. One copy of the form is maintained under a clip with the worker’s name or his clock number and a second copy under a clip of the tool number. The third copy is given to the worker for identification of the tool. The copy filed under tool number provides ready reference that, particular tool is not available when a later request is made for it. Periodic checks of the slips under the worker’s clip will indicate if tools are being hoarded or held for an excessively long time. When the tool is returned along with the third copy of the form which the worker had kept for his information (identification of tool), the copy under the worker’s clip is removed and given to the worker. The copy under the tool number clip is removed and placed behind the tool inventory card at the back of each clip. Every month, the slips behind the card are counted to indicate tool usage and the individual slip thrown away. This system is widely used in manufacturing establishments because of its excellent control features.