Impacts of Internet on Entrepreneur Ventures

In recent years, internet is more and more popular and closely to people in a variable fields. Internet was used as a tool for helping them to connect and seeking information or advising what they need. Almost entrepreneurs also use this tool as a part of creating successfully for their business but sometimes it also creates some problem. Some negative impacts of internet on the entrepreneur venture such as security or lost productivity that make the entrepreneur take a lot of problem. However, almost impacts of internet on entrepreneurial ventures is good such as raise the capacity of accessing information through internet, increase communicate capability among entrepreneurs and others people, help to achieve the target specific venture firm, increase the efficiency of the submission process and specially support marketing strategy.

Impacts of Internet on Entrepreneur Ventures

Firstly, the most effective impact of internet is the security of the information. Many businesses conducted online get the trouble and it becomes majors concerns. There are a number of cases which the transactions are able to become unsafe because the information can be leaked out when entrepreneur use internet in taking transactions. An example is in day by day transactions, major security threats such as hackers, virus, or e-terrorism. Breaches of security such as thefts of data and information on several occasions are able to lead investors or customers to question the safety of doing business online, which can hurt business further by lowering confidence levels. However, internet can push the ability to quick access more information of the entrepreneur ventures. The rich and sufficient of the internet help the businessman to search and find any information and data that are being supported for their plans. As can be seen, internet creates the wide environment business for all businessmen and it innovate the businessmen to search for business opportunities or investors whose are the same ideas and goal in business. Long times ago, when the internet have not yet development, the entrepreneurs had to waste a long time to find the information that might support for their business through books, newspaper, radio and others sources, however, these information might be not enough. Moreover, they just only collect information in a small area such as in their own country or several countries around them. The limitation of the information made many companies not able to connect and update the development of the world, hence the economic was limited. Today, basing on internet, the entrepreneurs can find and seek to whatever they want such as information of the competitors, update news of the business environment in the world, thus it is easier for entrepreneurs to catch up with orientations of the world market. Hence, if the entrepreneur can control the data security system, backup data and training employees, internet can support to the entrepreneur take the full advantage of it.

Secondly, another impact of internet on entrepreneur ventures is the employees’ productivity. As can be seen, the entrepreneur ventures often worry that using the internet at work will reduce the jobs performance because their employees do not focus on their job or neglect their duty in the working hours. It is a fact that workers spend a substantial amount of their workday replying to personal email, web surfing, following live sporting events and so on. Even for scenarios in which employees are not required with computers, the availability of wireless internet on phone and other mobile devices creates a constant swarm of distraction that can cut into work time. But it is undeniable that internet can enhance communicate capability among entrepreneurs, their staffs and their partners. Some companies are using the internet to make indirect connections with their customer or intensify relations with some their trading partners for the first time. Using the internet technologies and access options has expanded the capabilities of laptops, desktops and workstation. Thus, businessmen are able to communicate with each other via email, office intranet, local area networks, install message programs and wide area networks. In addition, internet is always up to date and it requires users improve themselves to control and taking full advantages from this tool. The entrepreneur ventures exchange news and information with their employees and their partners through internet such as information about analyse of finance, new potential competitors, the strategies to develop their product, the view of the others businessmen or the experience and strategies of the success businessman and so on. After that, the entrepreneur venture might be collect this information to evaluate the global market and fix the best strategy for their business. Therefore, internet makes entrepreneurs dynamic and catches up with changing of the world.

Thirdly, internet is ability to affect on achieving the target specific venture firm. The information from internet allows a better understanding of the requirement connect with venture planning as well as providing a window into what the venture community perceives. The businessman can easily discover the potential market or “hot” areas in which to invest. An example is venture capitalist. The seekers submit their business plan to companies where they have the best chance of receiving funds. The ventures capitalists receive the types of applications and choosing what they are most interest in. Therefore, the entrepreneurs have a much larger selection of firms to work with, a better chance for a successful investment and a better in the relationships. In addition, the business plans online and applications can be accepted by some venture firms. The venture capitalist often considered business plans brought to their attention through industry contracts or previous clients in traditionally. But now these limitations are changing because the venture firms use a web presence to open their doors to all entrepreneurs. Besides, the entrepreneur uses email to exchange executive summaries of business plans. All of partners can share a common mail server and it also allows people to route plans quicker because they can work at work or at home or even to read submissions when they are on the road. Internet also provides the system to support business. It allows members easy access to the pool of sources; it limited the resources available to outsiders and non-members. Moreover, the entrepreneur use internet to research reports, information on who is working on what technology, news and so on. Internet also allow the entrepreneurial ventures to use personal resources to stay abreast of what is happening, providing a quantum leap in productivity.

Finally, internet also impact on the process to build image and reputation for the business. The entrepreneur ventures use their own website as a tool to closer with the world market. Internet helps customers to connect with the website of the company to find whatever they needs and wants. Website with its ability to create and display colorful graphic, sound, animation and video allows companies to compete and surpass with their large rival’s Web presence. In particular, many small businesses with the limitation of capital and their power, they are not ability to match their marketing efforts of their large competitions, thus, using the website through internet that it is the best way for them to achieve the great equalizer. A business with a proper marketing strategy in place, it uses the web to expand its ability to provide customer service at minimal cost. The potential customers in all over the world just only need to click on the website and they can know about the product or services of the company. In consequence, the entrepreneurs do not necessary to waste a lot of money for advertising in other media such as television or radio. Besides, products can be sold or ordered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year without the need for support staff. Hence, it can help to reduce the extra costs that are associated with ordering. In addition, using website allows entrepreneurs to support both existing and potential customers with meaningful information in an interactive rather than the passive setting. Company might display what they want to advertise for their customers such as background of the company and its history, kinds of products and services, benefit that customer can achieve and video of its product and service in use and so on. On the other hand, customers can collect information about a product or service, have their question answered, and place order easily and so on.

To conclude, the impacts of internet on entrepreneur ventures are very enormous and it plays more and more important in the improvement of the business in the global economic. Although using the internet also have many problems, nevertheless, if the entrepreneur venture know how to solve these problem, they can solve their jobs better; information can be update faster, people can connect easier. For that reason, if the entrepreneur ventures know how to control and use internet, they will achieve great success in their business.

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