The Art of Managing Human Resources in an Organization

Organizations and corporations are multifaceted. Such complexity within a business necessitates the need to strategic approach to the management of the employees, whose task is to enable the business to achieve its objectives. Human capital is an imperative asset of an organization and proper use of a potent assent can construct a successful and resourceful organization. In an organization, human capital can make or break an objective or a strategy. The human resource department is the most important department of an organization. Almost all activities directed at attracting, developing, and maintaining effective workforce are implemented in this department. The functions of human resource management are, but are not limited to, hiring the right candidates, at the right time, and at the right price. It also involves training the existing employees, motivating them to give the best to the organization, resolving conflicts, discipline the employees who violate the organization’s rules and regulation, as well as downsizing of the staff strength. Managing human resource is difficult as the job deals with solely installing the organizational culture into employees and keeping them happy in the work environment. In essence, this can be accomplished in theory, but is quite difficult in practice.

The different aspects of human resource management can be broadly categorized into recruitment and selection, performance management, benefits and compensation, disciplinary and grievances, labor relation, and manpower planning. Recruitment involves the process of advertising job through magazines, newspaper, headhunting, employment agencies, internal sourcing, and organization’s newsletter. The purpose of recruitment is to attract as many candidates as possible, to enable the organization pick the most talented and motivated workers. The aspect of recruitment should be taken serious by human resource managers as the employees have to be suitable for the job so that their contribution can earn the organization long-term security in a framework of maximized profit.

A good way of managing human resources involves succession planning, making sure that the company never runs out of right persons for any position, should any position fall vacant. In addition, through a systematic training and development, a talented-lowly paid worker can reach a senior management level. Training of employees is a crucial task in an organization, to ensure that the workers can do their job effectively and efficiently. The employee’s salary and compensation schemes should be competitive in the industry to keep them motivated. In addition, the department provides advice to employees seeking information about insurance and other schemes. In an organization, the performance system appropriately reviews and rewards the employees accordingly. Human resource managers have to know how to reward the different staffs holding different position.

Every organization has rules and regulations; it is the role of the human resource managers to ensure that employee knows when he goes wrong, and to punish him accordingly. The punishment administered may involve verbal warning, written warning, demotion, and dismissal. However, aggrieved cases should be handled in this department. Matters involving employees can also be addressed by the labor union. An organization should serve as a bridge between the trade union and its employees, and work toward resolving such conflicts to minimize strained labor relationship. The human resource team has to conduct the manpower planning for the future. If the company is suffering from excess manpower, the human resource department has to work with severance package, and conduct retrenchment exercise.

Managing human resources is part of business management. It involves resources planning, strategic planning, and dealing with human emotion. Whilst there may be other roles included with the human resource management package, those outlined above are considered to include the most important aspects that serves the employees for the best outcome in the company.

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